LibreOffice Continues To Spread Its Wings

LibreOffice, which is a project forked from the once-popular (OOo), has done well. Recently, the productivity software suite celebrated its first full year since splitting from its origins, and this week The Document Foundation (TDF)--the group responsible for overseeing LibreOffice--made a number of important announcements about the project at the LibreOffice Conference in Paris.

There is now a LibreOffice Online prototype, which is an exciting development. Thanks to the efforts of developer and unofficial Awesomest Name Of The Year recipient Tor Lillqvist, LibreOffice can soon be ported to the iOS and Android platforms, bringing the suite to the iPad and Android tablets.

These projects should bear fruit in the form of actual products sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

Additionally, France is fully embracing LibreOffice. About half a million computers in the French government will be switching from OOo to LibreOffice--which boosts LibreOffice’s install base by 5% in one fell swoop. Students of the Paris Region (Île-de-France) are about to get USB keys packed with LibreOffice and other software. How many keys are being distributed? 800,000. Yowza. And if that weren’t enough of a resounding endorsement, Region Île-de-France is joining the TDF advisory board.

It isn’t often that we write about France and technology, but this is an interesting case of a country throwing in with a product suite and helping that suite gain traction in a competitive market space.
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