Lian Li Odyssey X PC Case Is A Transformer In Disguise Built To Meet Your Cooling Needs

lian li adjustable odyssey x case available to be preordered for 499
Typically, when you buy a computer case, you need to plan everything out and either buy a case to fit the parts or vice versa. However, case manufacturer Lian Li is looking to solve this problem with the new Odyssey X, a case with two distinct looks and three internal configurations.

Starting things off as if this were a normal case, the Odyssey X is an aluminum full tower chassis with a sandblasted anodized finish. It can support up to an EEB or E-ATX motherboards with up to eight expansion slots, should you need it. It also features an open airflow design with large front and rear grates along with folding 4mm tempered glass panels that can allow air in through the sides. However, the next few features are where things begin to get off the beaten path.

The front panel is a customizable wing design that allows for either a gap in the middle or a solid panel. Those folding glass panels are similar in that you could also have them in a flat configuration. Also, all the panels work in either a vertical or horizontal orientation because the entire case can be rotated. There is the tall vertical “Performance” mode, as well as the sideways “Dynamic” mode and a “Dynamic-R” rotated mode, which you can see in the video up above.

While this case is pretty darn cool and customizable, it will cost people a pretty penny at a whopping $499.99. For some people, that could be the value of their entire PC build, whereas this is just a case that does yoga. No matter what, we are interested to see what people manage to do with this thing as there is a lot of room for activities such as large water-cooling loops. Perhaps we will get one of these in-house to show off, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates.
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