LG's webOS-Based HDTV Breaks Cover With Card-Based User Interface

Remember webOS? How could you forget, right? The long-lost mobile operating system that was placed in an early grave once HP purchased Palm is seemingly back from the dead, with a zombie-like appearance on an upcoming LG HDTV. Rumors were flying years ago that LG was planning on producing a webOS-based television after it picked up webOS from HP, but those largely died with Palm itself. As it turns out, the gears were still turning in the LG labs, and it looks as if CES 2014 will be the launch pad for what will certainly be the TV to beat in just a few days time.

The leak we see here showcases a bold, design-focused UI that sets the stage for any other Smart TV to match. The hardware design of the set itself is impressive, but we've come to expect sleek, thin, and sexy on that front. What we're missing is a fantastic user interface that actually works well. Most Smart TVs are anything but, and using them is fairly confusing. Plus, there's next to no integration with the mobile products we're already used to using.

Granted, there aren't a lot of Palm Pre devices still out there, but the card-like interface that was so present in webOS is here on this set, and there looks to be a number of popular apps supported: Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We'll be keeping a close eye on an official launch from Las Vegas, but if this thing is sporting a 4K resolution, your future Super Bowl set may be here already.