LG’s Swanky, Leather-Wrapped G4 Smartphone Begins Global Launch Later This Week

Mobile carriers worldwide will begin offering the LG G4 smartphone this week. The phone gives Android fans a competent, modestly-priced alternative to Samsung’s market-dominating Galaxy line.

LG is banking on a cool leather back and a high-end camera to pull some market share from Samsung and Apple

More than 180 carriers and retailers will be stocking G4s over the next several days. LG plans to start the rollout in Hong Kong and move to Russia, Singapore and Turkey before opening up Europe, North America and other regions.

“The LG G4 is our most ambitious smartphone yet because it is unlike any other flagship mobile phone on the market today,” said Juno Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications in a statement. “Our vision is to create our own set of standards without worrying about what trend other smartphones are following.”
LG G4 Home Screen
We had a chance to check out the LG G4 and we found it to be a solid Android smartphone. It has great battery life, a high-end 16MP camera that takes impressive shots and some models some with a slick leather-clad back panel. But one “feature” that’s going to have a huge impact on its success has yet to be established: the G4’s price. Right now, the off-contract price is $650. We’ll probably start seeing what carriers can do to drop the price as they roll it out later this week.