LG's Smart TV Platform Enables Direct FiOS TV Streaming

Live in a FiOS town? Before we proceed further, consider yourself highly enviable. Now, you might also find yourself soon yearning for an LG Smart TV. Why? Because FiOS TV customers will soon be able to stream content directly into those sets. LG's Smart TV platform has just become the first in the industry to allow FiOS TV customers to enjoy 75 broadcast channels, serving as a set-top box alternative within the home. The new premium application on LG's 2012 Smart TVs and Blu-ray Disc players also delivers Verizon FiOS' on-demand content service, "Flex View." In other words, those with an applicable TV wouldn't even need a set-top box to enjoy FiOS TV.

Verizon customers who subscribe to both FiOS TV and Internet service can access the application via the Smart World section on LG's Smart TV interface. Among the 75 channels are: HBO, Food Network, NFL Network, TBS, VH1 and others. LG Smart TV owners also can access FiOS TV's Flex View, which offers more than 25,000 on-demand movies and show titles for purchase or rent on any Internet-connected device, whether home on a TV or PC, or on-the-go on a mobile device. The premium Verizon FiOS application is available on all 2012 LG Smart TV series (LM9600, LM8600, LM7600, LM6700, LM6200, LS5700, PM9700, PM6700 and PM4700) and the BP620 LG connected Blu-ray player.

It's unclear whether or not more channels will be allowed in in the future, and of course those who need DVR capabilities probably will opt for the set-top regardless, but it's a good sign altogether. In fact, it makes us wonder if we would've seen more of this had CableCARD really caught on.
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