LG's CineBeam 4K Projector Needs Just 2 Inches Of Space To Display 90-inch Image

CES CineBeam 1
If you're in the market for a new high-end 4K projector for your home theater, you might want to hold off on your purchase for a just bit longer. LG has just announced the second-generation CineBeam 4K laser projector (HU85L), which will debut next month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The HU85L is capable of projecting a 120-inch image at a distance of just seven inches from a flat surface (while dishing out 2500 lumens). While that itself is admirable, the HU85L's real claim to fame is that fact that it uses Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology to project a 90-inch image at a distance of just over two inches.

CES CineBeam 2

Compared to long throw projectors, one of the obvious benefits of having a projector that can get so close to the action is that you don't have to worry about the picture being interrupted by someone walking in front of the beam. Also along for the ride is a 12-point keystone adjustment system for keeping image distortion on check.

In addition to the obvious inclusion of 4K UHD support, you will also find USB and Ethernet connectivity along with HDMI ports. LG is also including its ThinQ AI platform which allows the HU85L to support voice commands. The company says that you can give a simple voice command to have the projector turn off after the current movie has finished, or search for movies by calling out your favorite actor's name (among other routine tasks). The voice commands are accepted via the included Magic Remote.

LG has not yet announced the price for the HU85L, but the first-generation HU80K retails for around $2,500.