LG's 55-Inch OLED 'Wallpaper' Display Has Magnetic Personality

As our screens continue to become thinner and thinner, it almost seems like there's no limit to how far vendors can push the envelope. And speaking of envelope, perhaps in time, our screens will be thinner than one! As LG has proven this week, we're on our way there, as the company showed off a "wallpaper" OLED panel that comes in at a mere 0.97mm thick. "Thick" seems like such an inappropriate word here.

To give some perspective, LG's current flagship 55-inch display is 4.3mm thick - in one fell swoop, the company managed to decrease the overall thickness to less than 25% of the current model available. It's no wonder this is referred to as a "wallpaper" panel, as applying it to a wall would probably feel pretty similar to putting up wallpaper.

(Source: LG Display)

Because it'd be difficult to mount such a thin display, this one affixes itself to the wall via magnetic mat. We're not sure how much thickness that adds, but if the example in the photo above is anything to go by, the entire setup is going to be ridiculously flush with the wall.

Not surprisingly, availability hasn't been announced, and given the technology at play here, I am not even sure it'd be safe to take a guess at what the finished product would cost. I'm thinking shipping costs, however, wouldn't be too bad!

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