LG Watch Timepiece Smartwatch Might Combine Physical Hands With Wear OS

Have you still not been bowled over by the smartwatch movement? Don't worry, not many people have so far, but LG is reportedly looking to launch a hybrid wearable that would combine the traditional mechanical operation of a wrist watch with the smart features afforded by Google's Wear OS.

LG Watch Sport
LG Watch Sport

According to a new report, the LG Watch Timepiece will have a stainless-steel body with an IP68 water/dust resistance rating. The physical watch hands (with quartz movement) are said to sit above a 1.2-inch display panel with a resolution of 360x360. Other specs are similar to other run-of-the-mill Wear OS devices, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor with 768MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage and requisite Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, there are no indications that GPS, NFC or cellular connectivity will be included on-device.

What's interesting is that Android Headlines says that the wearable will be able to operate in “Watch Mode”, which in effect whittles Wear OS down to the bare minimum. In this mode, the LG Watch Timepiece is said to last 100 days per charge with its integrated 240 mAh battery. However, when running the full Wear OS, we'd imagine that battery life will ring in at a just a few days putting it in line with other fully-fledged smartwatches.

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The Watch Timepiece will reportedly still support watch faces, display notifications, and perform like any other Wear OS device. This means that the smartwatch should be an interesting mix of digital and analog ways to display information. 

The LG Watch Timepiece will allegedly be announced this coming Monday, which is quite surprising given that we haven't seen any leaked images so far. Nonetheless, it will reportedly be available in New Aurora Black or Cloud Silver. As for pricing, it's said that the smartwatch will be priced at around $250.