LG To Offer Monitors With Virtualization

Later this month, LG Electronics plans to start selling flat screen monitors that can function as virtual computers. These monitors will help users save costs by allowing multiple users to run programs off of a single PC.

The new LCD SmartVine N-series monitors will utilize embedded virtualization technology from U.S.-based NComputing. This technology is based on the idea that today’s computers are so powerful that many applications use only a small fraction of the computer’s capacity. NComputing’s virtualization enables many users to tap the unused capacity and share the computer as if each had their own machine.

Because LG Electronics is embedding NComputing virtualization circuitry inside the new SmartVine N-series monitors, users simply connect their keyboards and mice directly to the monitor, which then connects to the host PC via a cable. A PCI Card Kit must also be installed in the host PC.

With the NComputing technology, as many as 11 users will be able to share a single PC for an estimated total cost of roughly $3,000. LG is primarily targeting education and service environments such as call centers with this offering. With the solution, NComputing estimates that customers can lower their computer hardware costs by 60%, maintenance costs by 70%, and electricity costs by 90%.

NComputing Virtualization Technology

"Our customers are taking into account not just the purchase price of computing, but also long-term costs connected to IT support, maintenance and electricity," said Ron Snaidauf, vice president of commercial products, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. "Combining NComputing technology with our market-leading monitors creates the optimal solution for today’s cost-conscious businesses.”

LG’s 19-inch SmartVine N-series monitor will sell for $199 in the U.S. The LG SmartVine N-series line is also excepted to include 16- and 17-inch models, though the 16-inch model is not expected in the U.S. The displays can be used as traditional monitors and will work with both Windows and Linux computers.