LG takes On Samsung With 105-inch Curved UHD TV And Flexible Display Technology

Big TVs are a staple of the annual Consumer Electronics Show and this year was no exception, with Samsung and LG announcing 105-inch curved-glass 4K Ultra HDTVs. LG gave us a tour of its displays, including the 105-inch behemoth, as well as 98-inch, 79-inch, and 65-inch curved panels.

The new LG 105-inch UHDTV, which is curved.

LG's 105-inch curved UHDTV is pretty impressive. Flank it with 65-inch curved TVs, and you get a real sense of the curvature.

We also had a chance to see the new flexible curved OLED TVs in action. Press a button on the TV’s remote control, and it quickly moves from the curved position (best for an audience directly in front of it) to a flat position that accommodates a more widespread audience.

Curved OLED HDTV. Flattened, flexibled LG OLED HDTV.

LG 79-inch flexible OLED HDTV, first curved, and then, just a few seconds later, perfectly flat. The TV is a little noisy as it straightens out, but the movement looks fluid.

Curved displays are already showing up in phones, some of which are headed to the U.S. early this year. LG showed us some phone-size curved OLED displays that made traditional, rigid smartphone displays seem clunky.

Curved smartphone displays.

That device in the center is the display used in the screen at right. LG representatives encouraged us to bend it to get a sense of its flexibility, but cautioned us against folding it. It's not an e-newspaper just yet.

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