LG To Show Off New Soundbars At CES 2019 With Onboard Dolby Atmos And Google Assistant

With Christmas over and 2019 only days away, it's time for gadget and tech fans to start looking forward to CES 2019, which is kicking off early next month. Companies are already beginning to tease the wares they will be unveiling and LG has stepped to tease the soundbars that will be on display at the show. The new soundbars are made under an LG collaboration with Meridian Audio, a company who was a pioneer in High-Resolution Audio.

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The soundbars promise to integrate smart functionality, sleek and modern designs, and multi-dimensional sound to fill every corner of the room; the sound bars are also equipped with AI. Three soundbar models will be on display at CES 2019 including the SL8YG, SL9YG, and the SL10YG. The SL9 is 57mm deep and can be installed flush to the wall for space savings. All three models use the Meridian Bass & Space technology to improve the soundstage and envelop listeners in high-quality sound and bass.

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The soundbars also use Meridian Image Elevation technology to lift the soundstage and further immerse the user. The products can up-mix two-channel audio to multiple, distinct channels without distortion and while maintaining tonal balance. Meridian Upmix technology increases sound immersion by improving the sound field while upgrading the clarity of vocals and lead instruments. That should mean users can hear the voices in a movie or video without having to strain to hear over the music.


The SL10, SL9, and SL8 soundbars all support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X; they also support a Wireless Rear Speaker Kit to cut the wires for each rear channel speaker. The integrated AI tech inside the soundbars is from the Google Assistant, recently named the smartest of the AI assistants. The integrated AI assistant means you can use your voice to perform some functions like adjusting volume or figuring out the name of the artist playing. Pricing and availability are unannounced, but we expect all details to be offered at CES 2019.