LG Set To Debut Industry First Chrome OS-Based All-In-One

We’ve said our piece on Chrome OS--it’s nimble, snappy, easy to use, but not quite a full replacement for Windows or Mac OS X--and manufacturers are rolling out more hardware running Google’s homemade not-Android operating system. LG has the industry’s first all-in-one running Chrome OS ready to go, and the machine will be unveiled in full at CES 2014.

The LG Chromebase (Model 22CV241) features a 21.5-inch full HD widescreen IPS display and a clean design. There’s an Intel Celeron chip inside, as well as 2GB of RAM, a 16GB iSSD, and integrated Intel graphics. There’s also an integrated 1.3MP (720p HD) webcam, built-in microphone, and 5W speakers.

LG Chromebase

For connectivity, the LG Chromebase offers HDMI-in, three USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a LAN port.

“LG Chromebase is the wave of the future for desktops, expected to be widely adopted not only at home, but especially in schools, hotels, call centers, and other business settings,” said Hyoung-sei Park, head of the IT Business Division at LG Electronics in a press release.

LG Chromebase

However, Park may be overstating things a bit, because it’s not clear if there’s a true value proposition here. It is true that Chrome OS devices can be perfect for an educational setting (and for other applications) in terms of ease of management, but much of that value comes from the minimal cost. The OS is free, and chromebooks run as low as $199; the fact that LG isn’t including any pricing information for the Chromebase is a bit disconcerting.

If LG can sell it for a few hundred bucks, it may have a real winner on its hands, but if we’re looking at a machine upwards of, say, $500, the value diminishes substantially. We’ll hope that LG nails it on the price point, but for now we’ll keep a cautious eyebrow raised, too.