LG Q6 'G6 Mini' Teased For July 11 Unveil Following Benchmarks And Specs Leak

LG Q6 Teaser

LG is getting ready to introduce its Q6 smartphone, an entry-level handset that is not to be confused with the low-end LG G6 (LG-X220G) that is available in Mexico. This particular Q6 (LG-M700) is basically a miniature version of LG's excellent G6 device and has been referred to on the web as the LG G6 mini. While not yet official, LG released a teaser video that strongly hints at it being called the Q6.

The short teaser video is accompanied by text that says, "A full, exQuisite view is what you need. Q-rious? July 11th. Coming soon." That description has all the subtlety of a mach truck. In any event, here is a look at the teaser video:

An entry for the Q6 also showed up on Geekbench, the popular online benchmark that examines both single-core and multi-core performance. In this case, the Q6 posted a single-core score of 622 and a multi-core score of 1,777, neither of which are record-breaking metrics by any stretch. Of course, we would not expect the phone to break any records—it is wielding what looks to be an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor clocked at 1.4GHz and 3GB of system memory.

LG Q6 Geekbench

If previous rumors pan out, the Q6 will also feature a 5.4-inch Full HD 1080p display with the same "Full Vision" (18:9 aspect ratio) panel that made a debut on the G6. The Q6 will also wield a single 13-megapixel camera on the back (versus dual cameras on the G6) and come with Android 7.1.1 Nougat installed out of the box.

LG has been promoting an press event in Poland tomorrow using the hashtag #LGBarbeQ in Twitter posts. It is not clear at this time if the Q6 will launch just in Poland on July 11 or if LG will make the phone available globally from the outset. The latter seems likely, since it was LG Mobile's global account that posted the above teaser video.