LG Planning 1080p "Hecto" Laser TV Projector For CES 2013

Mitsubishi may have wound down its production of laser-based rear-projection television, but lasers are clearly too stylish to leave the display industry completely. LG has just let slip a new Hecto laser TV projector, which is set to make its official debut in just days at CES 2013. Reportedly, the rectangular black box will be able to produce what appears to be a 100" screen from just 22" away, giving new meaning to the term "short-throw."

It's a 1080p projector that's aiming to warm the hearts of mainstream homeowners who haven't given projectors much thought in recent years. It's equipped with a digital tuner, 10-watt speakers, three HDMI inputs, an RS-232 control port, and Smart TV functionality thanks to LG's Magic Remote.

Sepcs wise, it's also boasting a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology also made the cut. Moreover, Miracast support is bundled in, and LG is suggesting that the device will purr for 25,000 hours without needing any repair work done on the laser projection system. There's no price mentioned just yet, but we suspect that'll happen in Las Vegas.