LG Philips Announces New Way To Catch Colds

LG Philips announced they've got a new 52" multi-touch LCD screen that will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show next week. The screens are geared towards the commercial and advertising market. Soon you'll be able to move from gathering low-tech germs on doorknobs to sharing high-tech pathogens on glittering LCD displays that everyone paws at.

LG.Philips LCD’s innovative new technologies for public displays center on increasing interactivity and viewability. Multi-touch interface capabilities create a never-before-seen level of interactivity by allowing users to manipulate objects on screen, using both hands at once and even offering the precision necessary to recognize handwriting. Another technology, transflective backlights, tackles one of the key challenges in developing public displays: readability in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

“With strong growth projected for digital signage in public displays, we believe that LG.Philips LCD is well-positioned to take on even more of a leadership role in developing new technology for this sector,” said Soo-Chul Park, LG.Philips LCD’s Head of Public Display Department. “We can provide total solution public display products to our customers through developing the cutting-edge software which goes with public display hardware. Through improving our public display products’ viewability in both indoor and outdoor conditions and by differentiating their interface technology, we are planning for full-scale operation of our public display business in 2008.”

LG Philips will offer a number of other sized screens as well, including an 84" behemoth they'll cobble together from four 42" screens. Achoo. 
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