LG Introduces New 13.3" X Note Z350 And 14" Z450 Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are indeed all the rage these days in the world of laptops, so it's no surprise that LG is adding one more to the heap. The company has just introduced the X Note Z350, a 13.3-inch machine that's mighty sleek, and definitely potent. The rig sports a highly typical "wedge" shape, with a matte silver finish, black chiclet-style keyboard and an ultrawide trackpad. It's pretty standard garb for an Ultrabook, but it's sleek nonetheless. Underneath the beauty-wear, there's a third-generation Intel CPU of choice: Core i5 on the mid-range, Core i7 on the high-end. The graphics engine isn't specified (though Kepler is a safe bet), and we're told that it measures some 14.7mm thick and weighs just 1.2kg.

There's an optional SSD, and combined with the Rapid Start technology, you'll need just a few seconds to get up and running from a hibernated state. You'll also get internal Intel Wireless Display technology, which allows 1080p HD streaming without any wires. Oh, and if you need something a little larger? The 14-inch Z450 should do the trick, though specifications aren't listed for that one.

Pricing remains a mystery at the moment for these, but more details should start to flow once they head Stateside.