LG Inexplicably Launches Touch-Enabled Quick Cover Case For Its Unannounced G5 Smartphone

Well it's official, LG Electronics is bonkers. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just observing. Heck, going bonkers might turn out to be a genius strategy for a company trying to draw attention to its upcoming G5 handset when all anyone wants to talk about are iPhone and Galaxy devices. Or maybe LG is buckling under the pressure of trying to compete. Let's observe the facts.

First, LG last week sent out invitations to members of the press imploring recipients to "come meet new friends on the playground" on February 21, 2016, otherwise known as "LG G5 Day." The colorful invitations featured toys from a different era, like a walking robot and wooden airplane, along with quirky elements like balloon animals and a bouncing goldfish wearing a party hat. I was concerned.

LG Quick Cover

Now a week later, LG has issued a press release for a...smartphone case? Oh, but not just any smartphone case—the LG Quick Cover is one of those flip cases, only this one supports touch functions. It's actually somewhat interesting, provided you're also drawn to the G5.

"LG Electronics has introduced a new version of its Quick Cover case, designed specifically for LG's next-generation flagship smartphone, the LG G5, answering the age old question – what came first, the smartphone or the cover?," LG said.

Uh, the smartphone? Anyway, LG's Quick Cover sports a glossy metallic finish. There's a cutout at the top to view "LG's signature 'second screen' Always-on-Display, rumored to be a feature in the highly anticipated LG G5." Gee, LG better hope the rumor turns out to be true or that cutout it designed for its own smartphone is going to look silly.

LG Quick Cover

Assuming LG's gamble on itself paid off, the case will give G5 owners the ability to view notifications and answer calls by swiping the lower third of the case.

All the silliness aside, it's a pretty neat feature on an overall compelling case. Unfortunately, LG didn't say how much the case will cost or when it will be available, though we suspect it will hit retail the same time the G5 does.
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