LG G8 ThinQ To Rock Infineon REAL3 ToF Sensor For Selfie Camera

LG is gearing up for a big MWC 2019 showing and is already teasing its flagship device that will be unveiled at the show. LG has in the past teased a device using a Snapdragon 855 SoC and packing a 5G modem for the show, but it's unclear if that device is the G8 ThinQ. LG has now announced that it has teamed up with Infineon and that the LG G8 ThinQ to be unveiled at the show will pack the new Infineon REAL3 Time-of-Flight (ToF) image sensor chip.

g8 thinq cam

LG says that the new sensor is going to play a critical role in the front-facing camera of the G8 ThinQ smartphone. The sensor builds on the combined skills of Infineon and pmdtechnolgoies in algorithms for processed 3D point clouds. A point cloud is a set of 3D data points made by 3D scanning. Most 3D technologies use complex algorithms to calculate the distance of an object from the camera lens. The ToF image sensor can deliver more accurate measurements by capturing infrared light that reflects off the subject.

Using reflected infrared light makes the ToF chip faster and more effective in ambient light conditions and reduces the workload on an application, reducing battery usage as a byproduct. Since ToF sensors perform better than alternatives, the tech is widely used in biometric authentication methods like face-recognition according to LG. The IR light that the sensor detects is unaffected by other light sources, allowing ToF sensors to deliver better recognition rates indoors and out, making them work well for AR and VR applications.

Infineon is aiming the ToF tech at high-end and mid-range devices. LG says that its new G8 ThinQ flagship device was designed from the outset with ToF technology to give users a secure verification system without sacrificing camera capabilities. 

Stay tuned for our MWC 2019 coverage later this month, as there are bound to be loads of new smartphones (and accessories) announced packing the latest and greatest tech.