LG Flip Phone Interacts With Blu-ray, Repels Water And Takes 12.1MP Pictures

We still haven't quite figured out Japan's fascination with flip phones with huge, long displays, but there's no denying that the technology within them is second to none. This past week, Fujitsu--who makes an awful lot of phones for the Asia-Pacific market--announced a wild new flip phone with not one, but two killer features that really set it apart. The DoCoMo SMART Series F-03B looks like you're average Japanese flip phone at first glance, but it's actually far more sophisticated than one might imagine.

Aside from handling text messages and typical phone calls, it also has a wicked camera. The sensor has 12.2MP, which is far greater than that of many point and shoot cameras. Reportedly, it can handle ISOs as high as 25600, though we suspect the performance at that level would be downright ugly. Still, having that ability at all is pretty astounding when you look at the sensors in other phones these days, particularly in "plain ole flip phones."

In case that's not enough, the company has also made the phone waterproof! It's up to IPX5/7/8 water resistant specifications, and it's IP5X certified for resisting dust. Other notable technologies are the ability to interact with Blu-ray Disc films, multimedia playback, a slim design, a fingerprint sensor and the ability to clean the kitchen sink. We're only kidding with that last one, but seriously, can you iPhone do the rest of this stuff?