LG Display's 42" HDTV Is Just 2.6mm Thick

We tend to hear about these "world's thinnest" claims with some degree of frequency, but with HDTVs progressively getting smaller and smaller in terms of depth, we guess it's somewhat justified. Today, LG Display has announced what is thought to be the planet's slimmest TV...for the moment.

Measuring ust 2.6mm thick, the newly designed slim 42" LCD panel integrates an edge-lit backlight system, proprietary optical film technology, a 120Hz refresh rate and an eye-popping 1080p native resolution. Back in May, LG broke this same record with panels that were 5.9mm thick, so you can definitely get a handle on just how quickly the space is shrinking.

Who knows--maybe we'll have TVs that are 0.1mm thick by this time next year, and we'll be buying TV cases in order to keep them from shattering during installation.

LG Display Unveils World’s Thinnest LCD TV panel measuring 2.6mm     

Breaking the 3mm barrier in large LCD TV panel

Seoul, Korea (December 21, 2009) – LG Display Co., Ltd. [NYSE:LPL, KRX:034220], a leading innovator of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) technology, announced today that it has developed the world’s thinnest LCD TV panel measuring 2.6mm.

The development of extremely slim LCD panel was possible by applying the company’s accumulated “slimming” technologies including the use of an ultra-slim, edge-lit LED backlight system and proprietary optical film technology.

The 42-inch panel weighs less than 4 kilograms — making it ideal for wall mounted TVs. Moreover, the new product offers 120Hz refresh rate technology with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for clear and sharp image.

In May, LG Display broke the record by unveiling 42- and 47 inch LCD TV panels measuring 5.9mm - the world’s thinnest panels at the time. By nearly halving its record in just seven months, the company maintains its position as the technology leader in ultra-slim LCD panels.

Dr. In Jae Chung, LG Display’s CTO and Executive Vice President noted, “With the development of the world’s thinnest LED LCD TV panel that is only 2.6mm thick, LG Display has once again demonstrated its technical prowess to satisfy customer demand for high resolution and slim design products. We will continue to spur R&D activities in order to provide our customers and the market with the differentiated products that they desire.”

LG Display will showcase the product and its newest cutting-edge display technologies in a private room at the Bellagio Hotel during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 in Las Vegas.

About LG Display
LG Display Co., Ltd. [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220] is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels, OLEDs and flexible displays. The company provides TFT-LCD panels in a wide range of sizes and specifications for use in TVs, monitors, notebook PCs, mobile products and other various applications. LG Display currently operates eight fabrication facilities and five back-end assembly facilities in Korea, China and Poland. The company has a total of 30,000 employees operating worldwide. Please visit http://www.lgdisplay.com for more information.

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