LG Display Working On 60" Flexible OLED Display

Got a 60" HDTV? Your neighbor might. But what if you could say you had a 60" HDTV that wrapped around the corner of a wall? Now that'd be a talking point. Evidently, LG Display will be developing a unique technology for an ultra high-def flexible OLED display that's 60" diagonal. The problem? It'll take until 2017 to create, but it'll probably be worth the wait. LG Display will lead up a group of companies working on the goal, including Avaco, which is said to be an equipment maker for display production. Outside of making dreams come true in the HDTV industry, it'll also be used (potentially, anyway) as "a window displaying information at bus stations, aquariums and retail stores." When you think about those types of applications, the sky really is the limit.

Actually, the government is helping to spearhead this initiative, with the goal to spread South Korea ahead of the pack in terms of display innovation. And when you're talking about a 60" flexible OLED panel -- we'd say that's certainly a strong start to one-upping the rest of the world.