LG Display Makes Huge Investment In The Future Of OLED

Are you investing in yourself? In your business? How about investing $655 million? That's with LG Display is doing, as it coughs up a huge chunk of change to support its new eighth-generation OLED TV panel line. That's a massive bet on the future of OLEDs and flat-panels in general, particularly in a market that's well known for having extremely thin margins. The new extension will be built at an existing plant in Paju, South Korea, with the initial focus to be on WRGB OLED evaporation. Work will get underway during Q1 of this year, with mass production scheduled for the first half of 2014 at a monthly capacity of 26,000 input sheets.

With introduction of the world's first 55-inch OLED TV in January 2013, LG has shown its cards. It's betting big on OLED, and it hopes that buyers will be clamoring for the wickedly thin sets in the years to come, particularly as 4K slowly becomes the norm.

Will such a sizable investment pay off? Hard to say, but we're glad to see a company with a name this big confirming its support for the technology. After all, someone has to be on top of making next-gen displays look gorgeous, right?
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