LG's Ginormous Direct View LED Extreme 8K Display Stretches Up To 325 Inches

lg dvled 8k tv

For some individuals, there is no such thing as a television that is too big. Those individuals are in luck if they have over a million dollars lying around. The LG Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display can measure up to 325 inches and feature 8K UHD resolution. It reportedly costs up to $1.7 million USD and is a “cinema display [that] truly puts ‘the theater’ in home theater.”

The television uses Direct View LED or DVLED technology. Each device uses between 2 million to 33 million individual diodes, depending on the device’s resolution. This technology reportedly creates more vivid and detailed images. The purpose of these devices is to bring the “captivating brilliance, vibrant color, wide contrast ratio, and breathtaking screen size” of commercial displays into consumers’ homes.

The 325-inch television is the most impressive in LG’s new line-up, but it is not the only DVLED Extreme Home Cinema device available. LG will offer DVLED Extreme Home Cinema devices that range“from 2K to 8K configurations with screen sizes from 108 inches to a show stopping 325 inches.” They also feature “seamless” 16:9 displays.

lg dual2k ultrastretch

LG is offering dual 2K and dual 4K UltraStretch devices as well. They will have 32:9 displays and will stretch up to 196 inches. The UltraStretch displays are ideal for watching sporting events or for watching two shows side by side.

All of the above devices are considered luxury devices and will cost consumers a pretty penny. The devices reportedly begin at $70,000. They also cannot be purchased at store and must be purchased through a custom installation dealer program.

The devices are accompanied by some interesting perks. The LG DVLED Home Cinema Display includes a 5 year ExtendedCare Warranty, a 3 year TotalCare Health Check, and a 3 year subscription to LG’s ConnectedCare. The ConnectedCare program monitors the device and let's the user know if anything is amiss. The devices also come with their own ATA-certified flight case to protect the display should it ever need to be moved. LG will even provide on-site training by a field engineer or trainer so that users can better understand how their device functions.

Images courtesy of LG