LG Creates Separate Division To Spur OLED Development

Not many companies are actively engaged with advancing and promoting OLED technology, LG Electronics being one of the few. Taking things a step further, LG's display arm just created a new division tasked with developing OLED panels and proactively promoting the technology more aggressively than it has in the past.

"We've created the new division to create synergy by gathering all the hitherto scattered OLED-related departments into one," LG said in a statement, according to CNET.


LG CTO Yeo Sang-Deog will be in charge of the new division, which will oversee all OLED related projects. One of his tasks will be to quadruple OLED panel production this month in an effort to bring down the price of OLED TVs. As it stands, many consumers find OLED TVs to be prohibitively expensive compared to their LCD brethren -- whereas you can get a 70-inch LCD for $1,300 these days, LG's 55-inch OLED TV costs around $2,765.

The other issue with OLED technology is the tendency for images to be burned into the screen permanently. This typically happens when the same image is frequently shown, like an Xbox home screen for example. According to LG, its researchers are hard at work trying to eradicate the problem.
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