LG Confirms Plans To Use Tegra Chip

Earlier this week, LG Electronics confirmed plans to use a dual-core processor from NVIDIA in its line of Optimus smartphones. This is a big win for NVIDIA, which has been working hard to expand beyond graphics chips for PCs and enter the smartphone market with its Tegra chip.

To date, we haven't seen many noteworthy smartphones use the Tegra chip. Instead, many devices such as HTC’s Incredible and EVO use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor or Samsung's Hummingbird chip which is used in the company's own Galaxy S line of smartphones. Microsoft's Kin line used the Tegra chip, but since the Kin line failed so quickly, we think it's safe to say the Tegra chip didn't get the attention NVIDIA was hoping for from the Kin line.

NVIDIA isn't the only company to offer a dual-core chip for smartphones. Qualcomm has also mentioned plans for its own dual-core Snapdragon chip. NVIDIA hopes to have several smartphones and smartbooks (a hybrid between a netbook and a smartphone) using its Tegra chip by the end of the year.