LG Chem’s Space Efficient Hexagonal Batteries Boost Runtimes For Smartwatches, Wearables

LG Chem has developed a new battery that could be a boon for certain smartwatch manufacturers. The company this week introduced a new hexagon-shaped battery that can be used in smartwatches that feature circular case designs.

Today’s wearables typically feature a square-shaped battery, which is not very space efficient when placed inside of a circular watch case. However, the hexagonal shape more closely matches the shape of a circular case, thus allowing LG Chem to improve storage capacity of its batteries by up to 25 percent.

LG Chem
Source: LG Chem

"The development will help users have four hours more for their smart watch," said LG Chem spokesman Woo Byeong-min. "LG Chem has the ability to exceed market expectations and to develop innovative products,” added Kwon Young-soo, President of LG Chem. “LG will become the global top supplier in small-sized batteries by 2018."

These hexagonal batteries would be of little use to devices like the rectangular-shaped Apple Watch or Sony SmartWatch 3, but they would be of huge benefit to wearables like the Moto 360, LG’s own Watch Urbane, and the upcoming Samsung “Orbis” smartwatch.

Most of today’s smartwatches running the Android Wear OS can last at most two days on a charge (the Apple Watch last roughly a day and a half per charge), whereas wearables like the Pebble Time and Time Steel can last up to seven days and ten days respectively per charge. With everyone looking to get a leg up on the competition with regards to battery life, we imagine that smartwatch manufacturers will be lining up to use LG Chem’s new batteries.