LG Bringing New Line of IPS Monitors to CES

Wouldn't it be great if 2012 turned out to be the year of the IPS panel? We don't want to get our hopes up just yet, but there are encouraging signs that point to this being a real possibility. Throughout the course of the year, we've seen IPS panels drop in price to the point where you can pick up a 21.5-inch model for $160, or a 23-inch IPS monitor for less than $200. These are the exception to the rule, but it's a start, and at least one manufacturer is planning to blitz CES 2012 with a new line of IPS displays.

LG announced it will unveil its 2012 IPS monitor lineup at the convention in Las Vegas next month, with new models divided into the DM92, DM82, and DM52 series, in addition to the company's D43 3D monitor.

"The quality and technological superiority of LG’s 3D display products are second to none, according to the findings of internationally renowned research organizations and respected media outlets," said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. "The 2011 IPS monitor line-up shows LG’s commitment to further build upon on this reputation and technological prowess in order to provide consumers with the most immersive home entertainment experience possible."

LG's DM92 series will showcase a slim bezel design flanked by a chrome stand (see left monitor in the picture above). It will consist of a 27-inch panel suitable for playing games and watching movies, including 3D content, LG says.

The 23-inch DM82 series is shooting for a "chic and futuristic design," exemplified by a metallic neck supported by a rectangular, slim base (see right monitor in the picture above). LG says it will boast exceptional color tone from any viewing angle and will include 7W built-in speakers.

Finally, the 27-inch and 23-inch DM52 series will emerge as the everyday monitor for mainstream users. It will come with a range of connectivity features, such as HDMI and USB, and like the rest it too will support 3D content.

All of the new monitors will be available globally starting in February 2012.