LG Announces Ubitus’ ‘GameNow’ Game Service on Next Gen Smart TVs

Remember when the cloud was primarily for productivity? These days, the cloud is becoming an increasingly important part of gaming culture, and in keeping with that trend, LG Electronics is teaming with Ubitus, a cloud gaming solutions provider, to integrate the GameNow cloud gaming service into its TVs.

At the outset, GameNow will be available in latest lineup of LG Smart TVs. Customers who purchase a compatible television in the U.S. will have immediate access to a "rich library of AAA" games, including MMO titles.


"LG is constantly striving to bring consumers the best home entertainment experience possible directly through LG Smart TVs," said Richard Choi, senior vice president of the Smart Business Center at LG Electronics. "By utilizing GameNow gaming technology powered by Ubitus in our latest Smart TV lineup, our customers can enjoy blockbuster video games on demand without purchasing a dedicated gaming console."

The announcement comes as both Microsoft (Xbox One) and Sony (PlayStation 4) reveal their next generation game consoles. There are also a handful of low-cost Android game consoles coming out, which means gamers will have plenty of options.

LG and Ubitus are touting console-quality graphics. More than just lip service, there will be blockbuster titles available, including Street Fighter X Tekken and, perhaps more impressively, Batman: Arkham City.