LG Announces LG GD510 Pop 3-inch Full Touchscreen Phone

LG has taken the covers off its latest touchscreen phone, the GD510, which as the company describes it, is the "most compact 3-inch full touchscreen phone ever made." LG claims its consumer research shows that a large group of users want a full touchscreen phone without the added bulk, unnecessary features, and higher prices found in many of today's devices. According to the company's research, many users were also turned off by the complexity of feature-laden phones but still wanted the navigation and large screen of a touchscreen device. LG designed the GD510 to offer the key features these users desire without the overhead of features they don't use.

“We gave the LG GD510 an optimized feature set which allowed us to concentrate on making the phone more compact and simpler to use,” said Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Our high-end phones like the Black Label Series New LG Chocolate (LG BL40) may be getting all the attention but there’s a gap in the market for affordable touchscreen phones that we want to fill. The LG GD510 delivers all the essentials in communication, multimedia and entertainment and comes in a compact form factor as well.”

While the GD510 might not be as feature packed as LG's other high-end touchscreen devices, the LG GD510 is capable of playing music and movies in several popular file formats. There is 8GB of internal memory for storage. The handset also offers a Web browser and a 3 megapixel camera that can capture video.

Other key features of the GD510 include a 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen with a narrow 4.8 mm bezel. You'll find a single button on the face of the phone that functions as the menu, end and cancel keys, depending on the phone’s mode. A slim strip of light around the button shines green or red to indicate the handset's function. The LG GD510 is crafted from brushed aluminum.

The LG GD510 will be available in mid-October in Europe, followed by other markets. Prices will vary from one country to another and will be announced separately in each individual market.

Watch a video promo of the LG GD510 Pop below: