LG Announces 72" LZ9700 LED-Backlit 3D Television

The Consumer Electronics Show, held annually at the start of each new year in Las Vegas, usually draws the world's biggest and best companies to unveil all sorts of new gear. The list is nearly endless, and a few "world's best" tend to show up year in and year out. This year, LG is going to be one of those companies responsible for a big, big splash. HDTVs are becoming commonplace now, and just a few years ago there was a huge race between companies to see who could produce the largest sets and the thinnest sets. That race has subsided somewhat in recent months, but LG may just start it again at CES.

The company just revealed that they will be bringing the world's largest Full LED-backlit 3D TV to CES, and at 72", we doubt anyone will outdo them. 3D HDTVs tend to be most effective at larger sizes, so there's no doubt that the 72" LZ9700 will be more impressive than most others. We're led to believe that it will use active glasses, and we are told that it will have TruMotion 400Hz processing (to smooth edges of fast moving images), as well as access to LG's Smart TV functions. The Smart TV panel provides access to LG's apps, including games and language classes. The company will also include the Magic Motion Remote Control, SmartShare (DLNA, Media Link, USB, etc.) and Local Dimming.

LG has yet to reveal a price, but it will be delivered to customers in early 2011.


LZ9700 Offers Rich, Life-Sized Images for a More Immersive Viewing Experience

SEOUL, Dec. 27, 2010 – LG Electronics (LG) will unveil the 72-inch LZ9700, the world's largest FULL LED-backlight LCD 3D TV (FULL LED 3D TV) at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. The LZ9700 gives viewers life-sized action with a beautifully crisp picture in both 2D and 3D.

Fitted with LG's innovative FULL LED technology, the LZ9700 is illuminated by a full panel of LEDs directly behind the screen, producing pictures as colorful as paintings in an art gallery. The extra spacious FULL LED screen size also makes the picture more expansive than ever, enabling viewers to experience superb picture quality with detailed images as big as, or larger than, real life.

Further enhancing the experience, the LZ9700 offers extraordinarily comfortable 3D viewing. Combining the world's largest FULL LED screen, the LZ9700's 3D takes on added depth and draws viewers even further into its immersive viewing experience. In addition, TruMotion 400Hz delivers a super-fast processing rate for exceptionally smooth 3D images.

"The LZ9700 combines the ultimate in LG's picture quality with our latest developments in 3D TV," said Mr. Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Home Entertainment Company. "With the LZ9700, LG is poised to take the lead in the TV market with the world's largest FULL LED screen that delivers a truly outstanding TV viewing experience."

This state-of-the-art TV is also fitted with LG's Smart TV functions. Via a strikingly simple Home Dashboard, this Smart TV delivers premium content from global providers as well as the best locally sourced shows and movies. It also provides access to LG's growing collection of TV apps, which offer everything from language classes to games. And thanks to LG's intuitive and easy-to-use Magic Motion Remote Control, the LZ9700's numerous functions are extremely simple to find and operate.

The LZ9700 will be available to customers early 2011; additional details to follow in local markets.

Main Features:

- FULL LED-backlight LCD 3D TV
- 72-inch class
- TruMotion 400Hz
- Micro Pixel Control (Local Dimming)
- Smart TV
- Magic Motion Remote Control
- Smart Share (DLNA, Media Link, USB, etc.)
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