LG Accidentally Outs Plans For Super-High Resolution 8K Apple iMac

Is this an April Fools joke, a simple error on its part, or a massive, high-profile leak from one of Apple’s largest suppliers? We may never know, but LG Display last week issued a press release announcing its next generation of high-resolution 8K display panels.

While the arrival of 8K displays is headline-grabbing in its own right, what makes this reveal so intriguing is the fact that LG managed to slip this peculiar sentence into its press release: “Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year.”

lgdisplay 2
LG's 8K scale (Source: LG)

8K scaling courtesy Wikipedia (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

For starters, Apple hasn’t announced anything regarding an 8K display (at least not to our knowledge). And Apple never, ever talks about unannounced products — especially products that won’t be released until months down the road. Apple prefers to announce products on its own terms rather than to leak information to the press months ahead of schedule.

Apple Insider was first tipped to the presence of press release today, but it was actually issued on March 31. That’s incredibly close to April 1, but we haven’t known LG Display to take part in such April Fools trickery in the past.

Apple 5K iMac
Apple's 5K iMac was announced back in October

With that said, the appearance of an 8K iMac this soon would be highly unusual. Apple just announced a 5K iMac late last year, so the arrival of an 8K successor seems highly suspect.