LG's 2024 B4 OLED TVs Are Its Most Affordable Yet And Packed With Features

Front and side views of LG's B4 OLED TV on a gray gradient background.
The cream of the crop when it comes to widely available TV technology is still OLED, though it comes at a pricing premium compared to LCD and, in most cases, mini LED as well. However, OLED is much more affordable these days than it was just a few short years ago, a fact that's highlighted by LG's new B4 OLED TV series for 2024 that are immediately available to purchase.

Here's the thing—the B4 OLED series is LG's entry-level OLED TV lineup, but don't mistake that to mean low quality or woefully lacking in features. LG's least expensive OLED TVs still bring the goods with a 4K resolution display, 120Hz native refresh rate, NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync support, four full-bandwidth HDMI 2.1 ports (only two of the four HDMI 2.1 ports on the previous generation B3 series were full-bandwidth), robust HDR support (including Dolby Vision), and more.

LG A8 AI Processor 4K infographic.

LG also points to its updated processor, the Alpha 8 AI that "automatically adjusts the idea settings and fine tunes the picture based on the content being watched." And of course the usual assortment of baked-in smart goodies are on display.

"Built-in support for Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2, HomeKit, Chromecast, and many others makes interconnecting devices to the B4 simple. Consumers can even control their TV with their Google Assistant device,2 get instant access to over 300 free channels on LG Channels3, including movies, breaking news, sports and more, and discover and enjoy premium entertainment via an internet connection," LG says.

It's the pricing that stands out the most, however. LG's 55-inch B4 OLED carries a $1,699.99 MSRP but is already marked down to $1,499.99 at LG, which is a $200 savings.

The 65-inch model costs $2,299.99 and comes with a $100 virtual prepaid card plus a free soundbar, StandbyME screen, or bendable OLED TV.

Meanwhile, the biggest of the bunch, LG's 77-inch B4 OLED, is already $100 off at $3,299.99 and comes with the same freebie perks as the 65-inch model.
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