Let's Play The World's Smallest Violin Together

According to Taiwan-based motherboard manufacturers, mainland China's mobo manufacturers are not "playing fair," and are engaged in a price war that Taiwan can't compete in. The three-quarters of the world's globe put out of the motherboard manufacturing business by Taiwan are seen reaching for their tiny violins. And their checkbooks, to buy Chinese.

While Intel's P35 motherboard should have an average selling price (ASP) above US$100, China-based second-tier makers have slashed their P35 prices to US$60. The price competition has greatly affected Taiwan-based motherboard makers, especially those focused on the entry-level market such as ASRock and Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS).

Most of China's motherboard brands outsource production to OEMs which gives them more flexibility over expense control. Additionally, China makers only demand cheap costs rather than product quality, and face little in the way of regulations if their products are found to have problems, claimed sources at Taiwan-based motherboard makers.

The Taiwanese manufacturers claim that the 40% premium they charge brings higher quality. That should be an easy sell, with all the well publicized problems that Chinese consumer goods have had recently. The problem is, I want extra lead on my motherboards, not less, so I'm going to have to go with mainland Chinese goods.
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