Let’s Head To The Google Store, Google To Open Retail Chain of Stores

Offering compelling products is just half of the battle of getting them into the hands of consumers. The other half is having them being seen by consumers - something a little difficult when so many companies are vying for the same shelf-space at retail. It's no surprise, then, when a company decides to take things into its own hands and launches its own store. Apple's done it, and has obviously seen major success, and Microsoft has begun rolling-out its own stores as well. We of course can't forget Sony, which has had its own stores all over the world for many years.

Next to join this group? Believe it or not: Google. I can just hear it now... "Hey, you wanna go to the Goog?"

Credit: Scott Beale, Flickr

Google might be seen as a software company first and foremost, but it's responsible for a lot of hardware. Take the Nexus line of phones (our Nexus 4 review) and tablets (our Nexus 10 review), for example. Add Android and the emerging Chromebook market to things, and Google having its own storefront begins to make a lot of sense.

Like most other vendor-owned stores, Google would offer not only its own branded products, but products from its partners. After all, the shelves would need to be filled, and Google's specific branded products couldn't do that without looking a bit silly. 

The first Google stores should launch by the end of the year. It's an interesting move for the company, no doubt, but all signs point to it being a smart decision.