Lenovo USS Enterprise Star Trek PC Hits Warp Speed With Core i9 And RTX 2080

Lenovo USS Enterprise PC
We all know that Lenovo builds PCs, but did you know it also builds starships? Well, it does now. Lenovo is boldly going where it has never gone before, that being the Star Trek universe with a custom PC molded after the iconic USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). It's apparently a powerful PC, compete with an optional PC in case Scotty wants to beam some original Star Trek episodes.

Lenovo posted a short teaser video on Twitter and YouTube. The clip is only 14 seconds long, though that's more than long enough to get excited about its upcoming PC. There are several closeup shots of the system, followed by a full view of the rig. Check it out below...

Unfortunately, Lenovo didn't post any specs to social media. Fortunately, however, the folks at MyDrivers were at Lenovo's Tech World event where the custom Star Trek PC was unveiled, and they snapped a bunch of photos, including one of the placard listing the system's specs. While the system might not look like it can hold much, Lenovo built this rig for warp speed.

The USS Enterprise is built to handle Intel's upcoming 9th generation Core processor family. It also boasts a newfangled NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card, because real-time ray tracing certainly fits with the theme of going where no gamer has gone before.

Lenovo USS Enterprise
Source: MyDrivers

Lenovo rounds things out with 32GB of DDR4 system memory and a storage scheme consisting of a 1TB M.2 solid state drive (presumably NVMe) paired with a 2TB mechanical hard disk drive. It also has Killer LAN and Killer Wi-Fi onboard, and of course RGB lighting.

This is a beastly system. It's also reportedly authorized by Paramount and CBS for sale in 25 countries. Pricing is said to start at around $2,180 in China.