Lenovo Serves Up Three New ThinkCentre PCs for Business

Lenovo updated its ThinkCentre line of business-class desktop PCs this morning, touting the systems’ security and reliability. All three new PCs come standard with Smart USB Protection, which lets companies manage security for the USB ports. Considering the recent reports of a firmware-based attack that exploits USB ports, that’s not a bad feature to have.

The systems also include Energy Star 6.0 and EPEAT ratings, as well as SSHD support, but the similarities end there. One system is a slim, “affordable performance” PC, another has an exceptionally small form factor, and the last has more video graphics chops than you typically see in a business desktop.

The Lenovo ThinkCentre E63z is an AIO with an Intel Core i3 processor
Lenovo ThinkCentre E63z

The ThinkCentre E63z is the only all-in-one (AIO) of the new desktops, with a 19.5-inch HD+ WLED display. The system is available with (or without) touch support and has a built-in Webcam, as well as a media card reader and a Rapid Charge USB port for charging your phone or tablet or what have you. Intel Core i3 processors power the models of this system that have the most features, but you’ll need to wait until later this year for the Core i3 systems.

The ThinkCentre M53 is a tiny PC, designed for small workspaces.
Lenovo ThinkCentre M53

The ThinkCentre M53 is meant to go where most desktop PCs can’t, thanks to its size. The system can be placed upright or flat, and it has an antenna that you can adjust to try to improve the strength of your WiFi connection. It’s the kind of computer that you’re likely to tuck under your desk or shove into a small shelf or cabinet, so Lenovo added keyboard-power-on technology that lets you boot the PC with the press of a keyboard button.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M79 has an extra DisplayPort and AMD A-Series graphics.
Lenovo ThinkCentre M79

Business users who need better graphics performance are going to want to look at the ThinkCentre M79 series, which features AMD A-Series accelerated processing units (APUs). You have your choice of SFF and mini tower cases and an optional second DisplayPort. For situations in which protecting company data is critical, the system features trusted platform module (TPM) 1.2 security.

All of the new ThinkCentres start at under $500. The E63z starts at $479, while the tiny M53 starts at $439 and the M79 starts at $10 more.