Lenovo ThinkPad X390, X490, X590 Laptops Add More Horsepower And Features For MWC 2019

ThinkPad X390 1
Lenovo is working some magic on its ThinkPad family of laptops at the Mobile World Congress, which means that we’re seeing the introduction of the ThinkPad X390, X390 Yoga, T490, T490s and the T590.

Starting off with the ThinkPad X390, this notebook ditches the previous 12.5-inch display in favor of a new 13.3-inch FHD panel while maintaining its 12-inch form-factor. Lenovo was able to achieve this feat by making the display bezels 50 percent smaller. 

ThinkPad X390 3
ThinkPad X390

Lenovo uses 8th generation Intel processors (up to a Core i7 with vPro), up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, up to a 1TB PCIe SSD and Intel HD Graphics 620. The ThinkPad X390 uses a new hybrid HD and IR Camera for Windows Hello authentication that can hide behind a sliding ThinkShutter for privacy. The laptop has been newly endowed with Wi-Fi 6 support, while global 4G LTE cellular connectivity is still available as an option.

Lenovo says that the 2.68-pound laptop comes with a 48Whr battery that will last up to 17.6 hours per charge, and it will start at $1,099 when it launches in June.

Changing the tune slightly, we come to ThinkPad X390 Yoga, which is the 2-in-1 counterpart to the ThinkPad X390. This 13.3-inch (FHD) convertible is 12 percent thinner and 5 percent lighter than its predecessor, and has display bezels that are 16 percent thinner. It’s available with the same processor and storage options as its more conventional counterpart, but maximum memory is capped at 16GB.

The ThinkPad X390 Yoga weighs in at 2.93 pounds, and incorporates a 50Whr battery that is good for up to 14.5 hours of runtime. This device will ship in June with a base price of $1,359.

ThinkPad X490s
ThinkPad X490s

Moving right along, we have the ThinkPad T490 and T490s. The former features a 14-inch display (up to WQHD resolution) and can be configured with an optional NVIDIA GeForce MX250 discrete GPU. Up to 48GB of memory is supported along with up to a 1TB PCIe SSD. The 3.23-pound notebook comes with a 50Whr battery that can last up to 16.1 hours per charge.

The ThinkPad T490s packs the same 14-inch WQHD display into a thinner and lighter frame (2.81 pounds), which means that the discrete NVIDIA graphics is a no-show. Maximum memory is reduced to 32GB, but you can still get up to a 1TB SSD. That same 50Whr battery will get you 20 hours of juice in the ThinkPad T490s, however.

ThinkPad X590
ThinkPad X590

The ThinkPad T490 and T490s will both be available in June priced from $999 and $1,279 respectively.

Finally, there’s the 3.87-pound ThinkPad T590, which includes much of the same internal specs as the T490 (including the optional GeForce MX250), but bumps the display up 15.6-inches with an optional 4K HDR Dolby Vision panel. The 57Whr battery in this machine is good for runtimes of up to 15 hours. Like the other ThinkPad models, the ThinkPad T590 will ship in June priced from $1,029.

ThinkPad X390 2
ThinkVision M14 with ThinkPad X390

Not to be left out, there’s the new ThinkVision M14, which is a portable USB-C monitor that measures in at 14 inches with a resolution of 1920x1080. The ThinkVision M14 is viewed as a portable second screen that you can add to your ThinkPad when on-the-go, expanding your screen real estate. It’s lightweight at just 1.3 pounds, and is just 4.6mm thick. The ThinkVision M14 is priced at $249, but availability hasn’t been determined at this time.