Lenovo Now World’s Second-Largest PC Vendor, Money Train Keeps Rolling

It’s been a good year for Lenovo; the company announced its full-year 2011/2012 fiscal results, which include record numbers for sales, income, and market share. The big announcement is that Lenovo now claims the mantle of world’s second-largest PC vendor, a feat made more impressive as it began the year in fourth place.

For the year, Lenovo had sales of $29.6 billion (a 37% increase from 2010/2011), with a 54% jump in sales ($7.5 billion) in the fourth quarter alone. Those sales brought in pre-tax income of $582 million, which is a 63% percent increase over the previous year; net profits were up 73%.

These people are all probably getting raises

The company also saw shipments increase 34.9 percent year-over-year--compared to industry-wide growth of 3%--which nabbed Lenovo 12.9% of the market, making it the second-largest PC maker worldwide.

“With the emergence of multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart TV, our industry is entering the PC + era. Lenovo is focused on leading the PC industry, and building upon that leadership in the PC+ era,” said Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing (pictured, above right) in the press release.
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