Lenovo Next To Launch $199 PC

From desktops to notebooks, it seems like all the rage lately is the design and manufacturing of ultra-cheap computers. First we saw the OLPC and then Asus' new Eee PC made a serious splash.  One has to wonder, can manufacturers make any money at all on products targeted to this market segment?  It seems unlikely but there's certainly a ton of volume involved, so the traditional metrics are definitely skewed.  Now it seems Lenovo will enter the fray.

''It's a natural evolution. We are not responding to our competitors,'' Chen said. ''After three years of market development in low-tier markets we have gained experience and understanding.''

Some 800 million people live in China's countryside, where incomes average about $560 a year but are rising at an annual rate of more than 10 percent.  Lenovo said it will set up a rural sales network of 5,000 dealers to reach farmers and other customers.

On Thursday, Lenovo reported a 12-fold jump in profits in the quarter ending June 30, with earnings of $66.8 million on revenues of $3.9 billion.


Yeah but will it play Crysis at 1024X768 with 4X AA? 

Crysis character models...skeptical


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