Lenovo LePad Android Slate Coming To America In 2011

Recently, with the introduction of the Indamixx 2 and a few tablets from Eurotech, we're beginning to think that specialized tablets may be the next big thing. Apple's iPad has so badly dominated the standard tablet market already that some companies are taking a slightly different approach. Rather than taking on the iPad in a game that it's great at, some companies are tweaking their slate PCs in order to make them somewhat differentiated. It's a smart strategy. Everyone that wants a tablet in the shape of the iPad is probably going to purchase an iPad. But what if you want something a little different?

Lenovo's LePad is definitely different, but up until now, we didn't know if it was going to be released in North America. In fact, we haven't heard anything about the LePad since it was originally revealed to the world back in July. But now, the pieces are starting to come together, and while Lenovo has been known to pull the plug on consumer devices even after showcasing them, the LePad will be making landfall as hoped.

Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing recently stated that the LePad will be shipping in America next year, shortly after it launches in the company's home market of China. Pricing hasn't been made available, but what's interesting is that the Wall Street Journal report confirming the details also mentions that "Lenovo is interested in acquisitions in the PC industry," but no further details were provided. Rather than lots of company's taking on Apple by their lonesome, perhaps Lenovo could strike big if paired with someone else.

But that's just speculation: at least we know now that the LePad isn't speculation. Rather, it'll be coming to America in 2011 with Android onboard.