Lenovo Launches Yoga A12 Android Convertible With Sleek Halo Keyboard

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When we see new convertibles announced these days, they’re usually running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. However, Lenovo is bucking that trend with its new Yoga A12 — a new convertible constructed of aluminum and magnesium running Google’s Android operating system.

Lenovo is aiming the Yoga A12 at the “cost conscience buyer” that wants a thin and light frame, but doesn’t want to compromise on productivity. At the heart of the Yoga A12 is an Intel Atom x5 processor, which won’t win any performance contests, but should help hold the line when it comes to battery life (Lenovo says that the convertible is rated for up to 13 hours of runtime). That processor is backed by 2GB of RAM, while you’ll be graced with 32GB of internal storage. Your window into the Android operating system comes courtesy of a 12.2-inch HD display.

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When it comes to the keyboard, Lenovo opts for an unconventional route. First seen on the Yoga Book, the Yoga A12 brings with it the Halo Keyboard. Rather than employing a traditional keyboard arrangement with moving keys, the Halo Keyboard relies on a touch screen with an anti-glare matte finish. While you won’t get the same tactile feedback possible with a standard keyboard (Lenovo attempts to fake it somewhat successfully with haptic feedback), it does add artificial intelligence and a predictive engine to help speed up text input.

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For a deeper look at how the Halo Keyboard holds up in real-life interactions, be sure to check out our review of the Yoga Book.

Going with the Halo Keyboard also makes for an incredibly thin design (just 5.4mm thick at its slimmest point). And given that this is still a “Yoga” at heart, it has four work modes thanks to its 360-degree hinge: laptop, tablet, stand, and tent.

Lenovo says that the Yoga A12 will be available starting February 8th for $299 in either Gunmetal Grey or Rose Gold.

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