Lenovo Launches A No-Contract Mobile Broadband Option

Looks like GameStop isn't the only oddball getting into the wireless service game. Lenovo, a company closely linked to pro-grade ThinkPad laptops and software suites, is the next in line. Yes, really. The company today announced Lenovo Mobile Access, a contract-free mobile broadband service that provides pre-connected, always-on, customizable connectivity to the Internet and corporate networks. It's powered by a platform cooked up by Macheen, Inc., and is now embedded across select models of the ThinkPad product line and available immediately in the United States and nine European countries.

Users can snag a "Time Pass" for as little as $1.95 for 30 minutes, or $8.95 for one day. Users with more frequent connectivity requirements, or who work with large media files can purchase monthly plans with 2GB or 6GB of data access, along with the option for automatic monthly renewal. All ThinkPad laptops with embedded mobile broadband connectivity ship with Lenovo Mobile Access pre-activated as the default configuration. A single SIM is used for global access, and at launch, service will hit the United States, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. Contract-free time passes are available in the following increments and data allotments: 30 minutes (30MB), 1 day (200MB), 1 month (2GB) and 1 month (6GB). Auto-renewable, bandwidth-specific monthly plans are also available for data allotments of 200MB, 2GB and 6GB. No word on what carrier(s) will provide the access here in the States, though.