Lenovo Introduces Constant Connect

Today, Lenovo and Research In Motion introduced a new mobile solution that will enable tighter integration between Lenovo ThinkPad laptop computers and BlackBerry smartphones. Called Lenovo Constant Connect, this new solution will automatically synchronize enterprise email on your BlackBerry smartphone with your ThinkPad laptop via Bluetooth.

Although this may not sound very remarkable at first, let us illustrate how Constant Connect will be especially valuable to business users and others who are constantly on the go: After boarding a plane, you settle into your seat and turn on your Lenovo ThinkPad to draft some emails. Obviously, you can’t send them mid-flight, but by using Constant Connect, any emails “sent” mid-flight will be automatically stored on your Constant Connect Card in your PC. After landing, Constant Connect will automatically synchronize those email messages with your Blackberry using a Bluetooth connection. Your BlackBerry will then send the emails right away. Best of all, you won’t have to power on your laptop or find a wireless connection to send those emails. Instead, you’ll be free to grab a bite to eat or rush to catch your connecting flight.

In addition to added convenience of not having to sit down and initialize the sending of emails, this solution can also reduce the need to use fee-based Wi-Fi networks. What’s really unique about this new offering is that it will synchronize email even if the ThinkPad laptop is off.

For more information on how this solution works, check out the video from Lenovo below:

Lenovo Constant Connect is expected to be available in the second quarter of this year.