Lenovo Explains First ThinkPad Tablet On Video, Promises New Products

You have to hand it to 'em--Lenovo knows how to market their products. With the tablet/slate PC revolution upon us, many companies are taking the opportunity to dive headfirst in. We aren't sure if Lenovo has yet another tablet planned (though the smartbook that was unveiled at CES hasn't received enough credit, in our opinion), but a new video from the company showcases a Lenovo tablet that's already on the market. Well, was on the market.

Did you know that the original ThinkPad was a tablet/slate PC? Amazingly, it was! The ThinkPad 700T was a flat device without a physical keyboard, and the goal was to use it to spring handwriting recognition software into the mainstream. The video goes on to explain how IBM (who coined the ThinkPad originally) came up with the name; essentially, Think was a big company mantra, and since the device looked a little like a pad, the ThinkPad name was born. We even learned that the original ThinkPad had a magnesium casing, and that "tough" build quality has remained all the way through the ThinkPad's lineage.

The best part of all of this is that Lenovo is using the video to promise us that some exciting new products in the near future. Hmm...maybe a tablet? Just a wild, wild guess!