Lenovo Expects to Kick Dell's Ass in PC Sales by End of the Year

Could there be a better way to end the work week than with a little smack talk? Well, sure, the problem is most of the ideas we can come up with are illegal or immoral, many of them both. Instead, we'll go into the weekend relishing in the fact that Lenovo's big mouth is writing a check it will attempt to cash against Dell.

Lenovo didn't go all Jen Hsun-Huang on Dell and promise to open a can of whoop-ass like the Nvidia CEO once famously said his company would do in its fight with Intel. But Lenovo chairman Liu Chuanzhi did tell the Chinese media it expects to leapfrog over Dell to become the world's second largest PC vendor by the end of 2011, according to Network World.

Here's looking at you, Dell...

Dell has been as giddy as a school girl on prom night ever since HP announced it wants out of the PC business, and the fact of the matter is Lenovo didn't need to use colorful language to make headlines, it just needed to say it would overtake Dell by the end of the year. Lenovo justified its prediction by pointing out it's currently the fastest growing PC company out of the top five players, and doesn't trail Dell by much. Here's how the market share numbers currently shake out:
  1. Hewlett-Packard: 18.1 percent
  2. Dell: 12.9 percent
  3. Lenovo: 12.2 percent
Lenovo is relatively new to the No. 3 spot, having overtaken Acer last quarter. If Lenovo manages to squeeze ahead of Dell, there's reason to believe Lenovo could be on its way to the No. 1 spot with HP's future very much in question at this point.
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