Lenovo Debuts Standalone Mirage Solo Daydream VR Headset With Snapdragon 835, Mirage Daydream VR Camera

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Today at CES, Lenovo announced the world's first standalone Daydream VR headset, which is called Mirage Solo with Daydream. Given that it has all of its processing hardware and a battery incorporated into the headset itself, you don't have to worry about attaching your smartphone or connecting to your PC with HDMI cables and power cords.

Powering this experience is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 VR platform, which includes 2017's hottest smartphone SoC paired with 4GB of RAM. A 5.5-inch display is housed within the headset giving each eye a 1280x1440 "window" into a virtual world. This standalone unit has 64GB of storage onboard, which can be expanded further using the included microSD slot (up to 256GB). You'll also find inside-out positional tracking using WorldSense technology, and the headset is rated for up to seven hours of use.

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Complementing the Mirage Solo is a wireless Daydream controller. It features a clickable trackpad, app and home buttons, and a volume rocker. The controller can also serve as an in-game controllable object (Lenovo gives the example of its being used as a baseball bat or a steering wheel for racing games).

lenovo mirage solo

The Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream will be priced at "under $400".

In addition to the Mirage Solo, Lenovo has also introduced the Mirage Camera with Daydream. The Mirage Camera is powered by a Snapdragon 626 processor and helps capture your world in virtual reality, and can wirelessly upload your VR content to share with others via Google Photos and YouTube (it supports the new VR180 video format). The Mirage Solo is a pocketable camera that features two 13MP fisheye lenses with a 180x180 field of view and has a battery that lasts up to two hours.

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The Mirage has three simple operating modes: photo, video, and live broadcasting. You can pair it with your smartphone using Wi-Fi Direct, and if you download Google's VR180 app, you can even use your smartphone's screen as a viewfinder and preview your photos and videos.

The Lenovo Mirage Camera will be priced at "under $300".