Lenovo Continues To Outperform PC Market, Surpasses Apple in US For First Time

Who says the PC market is dying a brisk death? While the numbers in some segments may be cause for concern, Lenovo's bucking the trend by announcing better-than-expected figures for its fourth quarter earnings. The company recorded 55 million PC shipments, 50 million smartphone shipments, and 9.2 million tablet shipments in its last full year, with annual revenue coming in at a record $38.7 billion (a 14% increase year-over-year).

It pulled in $817 million in full-year earnings (a boost of 29% compared to the prior year), and it also added 2.1 points of market share to its overall #1 position in PCs. What's amazing is that Lenovo has somehow notched 5% year-over-year growth, compared to the industry as a whole declining 8% during the same period. Of course, the company needs to be mindful of how tough it'll be to continue those fortunes as PCs continue to slide, but still, it's holding well right now.

In other shocking figures, Lenovo’s EMEA revenue surpassed its China PC revenue in the quarter, while in the US, Lenovo surpassed Apple to take the number three position in PC shipments in the fourth quarter. This also marks the 20th quarter in a row that Lenovo has outgrown the PC market, which is a truly remarkable clip.

In the United States, surpassing Apple as the #3 PC shipper is also a huge deal, particularly during a period where Apple has also been crushing its numbers.

It'll be interesting to see if Lenovo can continue this roll as Motorola Mobility comes under its umbrella shortly, but if anything, it's probably hoping that the momentum is contagious.