Lenovo And Razer Join Forces For Hardcore Gaming Desktops

Although Lenovo already has a lineup of high-powered gaming desktop and notebook computers, it’s not exactly the first brand that we think of when it comes to satisfying our PC gaming fix. Lenovo, however, is looking to change that with a new partnership with well-known gaming enthusiast company Razer.

The somewhat odd pairing will see both Lenovo and Razer co-brand and co-market Lenovo’s Y Series gaming rigs as Lenovo Razer Edition products. The first product birthed from this fresh marriage is the Lenovo Razer Edition Gaming Desktop, and from a performance standpoint, there doesn’t appear to be much new here.

However, there are some visual and software tweaks that gamers might appreciate. Lenovo’s red accent lighting has been replaced by green, which is associated with Razer’s gaming products. In addition, you’ll find multi-chromatic lighting emanating from beneath the chassis. The partnership is destined to leverage Lenovo’s “system design and engineering expertise” while Razer will “enhance the immersive experience for gamers.”

lenovo razer

While gamers will no doubt be better served by the partnership, this seems more about increasing the profile of each company in areas where they are currently underserved. Lenovo is the world’s largest PC OEM, but the PC market has been trending downward for years. By concentrating on deep-pocketed gamers, Lenovo can at least count on healthy profits from the PC gaming sector.

As for Razer, it has years of expertise in the gaming sector and a reputation for building potent gaming rigs, but it doesn’t quite have the instant name recognition and market access as Lenovo. Teaming up with Lenovo gives it instant star power.

“This agreement opens opportunities to advance the gaming lifestyle through world-class product in unprecedented ways,” said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan. “Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC maker. Razer is the world’s #1 gaming lifestyle brand. Together we have the passion, insight and operational capabilities to delight and empower the PC gaming community worldwide.”

The Lenovo Razer Edition Gaming Desktop will launch in January at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and we expect to see the partnership extend to other Lenovo products including laptops in the foreseeable future.

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