Lenovo And Amimon Demo WHDI-Enabled Tablet Concept

Wireless HD. A tablet. Together. That's what Amimon and Lenovo have done together here at CES 2012, with Amimon integrating WHDI technology into Lenovo's IdeaPad. The goal? To "enable wireless transmission of content to any TV." There's supposedly "zero" delay (probably a few milliseconds in reality), and it'll evidently work in theory on Android tablets with 7" and 10" screens. It's just a concept setup for now, but the promise is huge.

"WHDI provides easy set up and sharing of content from our IdeaPad to any larger screen TV. The embedded WHDI solution not only eliminates not only the need for cables, but also any external adaptors as it's all built in," said Judy Liu, Manager MIDH PAD Accessories Product Planning and Development. "Photos, videos, games, anything our users enjoy on their tablet is now accessible to share with others right in the living room. WHDI actually mirrors the tablet user interface to the big TV, zero delay means that they have the same great user experience that they are used to on our android tablet, on their TV."

"The integration of WHDI into the Lenovo tablet is our next step in creating one standard to rule all wireless HD transmission," said Yoav Nissan-Cohen, CEO, AMIMON. "By taking the personal screen of the tablet to the big screen, WHDI gives consumers convenience and flexibility without any hassle or learning curve."

Tablets could obviously stand to have even more wireless functionality, and this sounds like an excellent start. Too bad it's just a concept; let's start shipping this stuff!
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