Lenovo Adds 4-Port USB Hub To New Power Hub AC Adapter

Lenovo is known for a few things. Namely, the ThinkPad, the IdeaPad and the ThinkCentre lines of computers. Lenovo notebooks in particular are used heavily in businesses, as their rugged frames and iconic tracking point. But here's something you probably don't think about: the power adapter that ships with Lenovo's ThinkPad line. It's just a standard, black power adapter. Nothing too special about it.

But this new Power Hub is something special. And it's something that we wish all power adapters came with, particularly ultraportable machines that only have one or two USB ports. The Power Hub doesn't look too different than a standard ThinkPad power adapter, but there are two main differences to point out: there's a USB cable hanging from the adapter, and there are four open USB ports on one end of the adapter.

You've probably figured out the purpose already. Lenovo created this in order to add a four-port USB hub to every ThinkPad that uses it. You simply plug the USB cable into a single USB port on your ThinkPad, and then you can plug up to four powered USB devices into the power block itself to have those connected to the notebook. It's a "first ever" combo device according to Lenovo, and we've definitely never seen anything like it before. It's on sale now for $74.99, but it will be most useful when it's bundled in with ThinkPad notebooks from the start. How long until all other PC makers start to follow suit? This is an amazing invention as far as we're concerned; the idea of integrated a port hub into the power brick is nothing short of HOT.